What if my business’ printing needs change?

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When you print less, you'll pay less. Use less printer paper and save money.


There is no question that your business is going to change within five years, which could mean less prints.  There are many reasons why your business would have a reduction in printing:

  • You may decide to go paperless.
  • Your employees prefer to work remotely.  You no longer have 10 inside sales reps inside of your office.  
  • Your workflow changes.
  • You move to electronic forms.
  • Your clients prefer PDFs to paper copies.
  • You decide to become a more green or environmentally conscious company.

If your maintenance is built inside of your lease, you will still be charged for the orginal amount of B&W images and color images regardless if you cut down to half the amount.

Click here to learn more about maintenance agreements.

Generally, you cannot change this plan, and you cannot lower your allotment.  You will end up paying for images that you’re not using.  

There are a couple options:

  1. Things stay the same.  You pay your monthly bill and eat the cost.
  2. Negotiate the terms of your page allotment before you sign the contract.
  3. Use Office Space Copier!  They provide quarterly reviews so if you reduce your number of copies, you won’t have to pay for what you don’t use!
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