The Office Manager’s Guide to Not Having a Copier Meltdown

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September 17, 2019
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Office Space Printer Jam

Office Space Printer Jam

We have all had a situation where our leased copier machine has made us want to rip out our hair.  The light is blinking, it’s spitting out hot white pages of nothing, and it starts making ticking time bomb noises that make us think it’s about to blow! Our copier leasing experts give these tips:

Did you turn off the copier machine?

A copier machine is just short of a human sized computer.  Treat it the same way you would treat your laptop or other electronics and turn it off when you’re cleaning.  This will save you from creating any electrical accidents that your copier technician won’t be able to fix.

Does your copier paper and toner match the copier machine model?

Fun fact: higher quality paper will cause less dust to build up inside of the printer.  This means, you’ll have less downtime on your copier machine, therefore less copier maintenance issues.  Check with your manufacturer that you’re using the right printer paper and toner.

Which way does the paper go in?

Everyone hates a copier jam.  And they aren’t always easy to fix.  Loading in folded paper or previously folded paper is an action that guarantees a dreaded paper jam.  Never use wet or moist copy paper for obvious reasons of it crumbling inside the machine. Scanning documents with staples or paperclips is another sure way to hurt your copier machine.

How do I clean my copier machine?

Cleaning your copier machine and keeping it free of dust will help prevent a multitude of copier issues.  When cleaning the glass, use a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth to wipe the glass cleaner. You can keep your glass protected by removing paper clips and staples before scanning your docs.  

We hope these tips will help keep you from smashing your copier to smithereens!