How to Lease a Copier: A Free eBook

Why We Wrote an eBook

It’s time to get you the copier solutions you need and deserve. After over a decade of experience in the copier industry, we’re tired of seeing businesses:

  1. Overpay for their equipment;
  2. Get locked into contracts that don’t fit their needs;
  3. Be forced to upgrade their equipment before their contract expires.
Many times, these issues result from businesses being sold the wrong solution. After seeing so many business owners being taken advantage of, we decided to write an ebook.

The Insider’s Guide to Leasing a Copier

The Insider’s Guide to Leasing a Copier will tell you everything you should know about copier leases. And if you still have time on your current agreement, you’ll find important strategies that can minimize annual increases and overpayments. In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • What to negotiate when entering into a copier agreement;
  • Why a Performance Agreement is so important;
  • How to save when your business changes and # of prints goes down;
  • And much more!

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Leasing vs. Buying vs. Renting

Learn the benefits between leasing and buying an office copy machine for your business. Your decision could save you money and hassle, so stay informed!


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