5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Photocopiers

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August 12, 2019
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Facts about Photocopier Machines

Facts about Photocopier Machines

Facts about Photocopier Machines

Facts about Photocopier Machines

  1. Money Can’t be Copied on a Modern Photocopier

  2. Your Copier is Not a Chain

  3. Arthritis Spurred the Photocopier Innovation

  4. IN 1959, Photocopiers Were Known to Cause Fires

  5. Security of Photocopiers is a Real Concern


The Facts:

  • Modern Photocopiers have a built in feature that can recognize the embedded pattern in currency & will automatically mark all the copies, making them unusable.
  • 20% of copier repair request are a result of people sitting on them which puts too much pressure on the glass.
  • Patent Attorney and Law Student, Chester Carlson frequently rewrote legal documents by hand, inflaming his arthritis and pushing him to invent the photocopier.
  • The Xerox 914 was known to catch fire due to overheating.  Because of this problem, Haloid Xerox provided a “scorch eliminator”, which was actually a small fire extinguisher, along with the copier.
  • It’s important to remember to erase all the image sand files from your system before you get rid of your device.  60% of all disposed hard drives still contain company data.